As a sworn translator of the courts and notaries of Berlin for English and Italian, I am authorized to produce a certified (also ‘authorized’ or ‘official’) translation of your documents that is valid throughout Germany.


These include

  • registrar’s and notarial documents

  • references

  • contracts

  • court rulings

  • expert reports

  • identity documents and much more.


The translation is affixed with a certification notification along with a stamp and signature, and is generally attached to a copy of the document submitted.


It is best if you provide me with the original version of the document; if this is not possible, you can – if approved by the relevant authority – send me a certified or uncertified copy by post, e-mail or fax and this will be indicated in the notification accordingly.


If the certified translation is intended for use outside of Germany, some documents may require an Apostille that confirms the authenticity of an official document; please ask the relevant authority whether you require this.

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